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Who doesn't love a sale?

The nitty gritty:

* Shipping to US & Canada only will be $2.50 as long as it fits into a regular bubble mailer, not responsible for it once it leaves my hands!
* Paypal only!
* Willing to haggle within reason
* Feedback on MUA under shenanigans27 - a whole 16 tokens, 100% positive.  =P 
* Will ship on Friday, bubble wrapped to within an inch of its life!  =D


Retrospeck e/s depot with magnet and original label - used a bunch of times, small dip - $8
Fertile e/s pan - used 4-5x, no dip - $8 (not pictured)
Black Tied e/s depot, no magnet, handwritten label - RIS, used 2x by me, chunk missing in top layer - $6 (willing to swap for Carbon!)
Beauty Marked e/s pan - brand new, swatched 2x but never used - $10

Post Haste e/s depot, no magnet, original label - chunk missing on side of pan from depotting disaster, barely noticeable - $8

Swimming e/s depot, handmade label and magnet, used ~5x - $8
Freshwater e/s pro pan, gouged, used 2x - $8
Creme De Violet e/s depot, original label and magnet, swatched 1x - $10
Banshee e/s depot, original label and magnet, used 2x, chunk missing from top layer - $8
E.L.F Truly Pink e/s, never used - FREE WITH PURCHASE over $10!

Playful depot, magnet, no label, used 2x - $8
Plum depot, magnet, no label, used 4x, large dip from being dropped/damaged - $6

Delight: 6 Eye/Trend Palette - contains Gingersoft (VP), Pearl Of The Earth (VP), Satin Taupe (F), Cinders (VP), Gorgeous Gold (VP), Tease 'N Teal (F) - small dips in Pearl Of The Earth and Satin Taupe, all other colours swatched 2x - $25

Heatherette Trio 1 - contains Hoppin' (F), Mood Ring (VP), Cloudburst (V) - Mood Ring used 3x, other colours used 1x - $25

Kinda Sexy l/s - RIS, top cut off, approximately 3/4" left - $5
Glamapuss l/s - used ~6x - $10

Cultured l/g - used ~6x - $10

Strobe Rays TLC Stick, 95% left - $10
Blitzed Glitter Eyeliner, used 3x - $10
Ensign Lustreglass, used 3x - $12
Nymphette Lipglass, used 6x - $10
Prrr Lipglass Mini, used 2x - $6

Black Funk/Pop Blue Dual Edge Eye Pencil, both ends used 3x, sharpened once - $10

1/2 tsp. pigment samples - $2 each or set of 5 for $8
~Revved Up
~Quick Frost
~Blue Brown (not pictured)


With flash:

Without flash in natural daylight:

Kryolan eye shadow compact matt, color AB42 (teal), RIS, packaging a little scuffed but never used by me, no dips - $3

HIP Shadow Duo in Shady, used 2x, comes with one sponge applicator - $3

HIP Shadow Duo in Riotous, light green used 3x, brown side swatched 1x, comes with one sponge applicator - $3

NYX Trio (depotted!) in Spring Leaf, Green Tea, and Lime Green - $5 for the set with non-MAC quad, or $2 each

Smashbox creme eye liner trio in Scene Marker - brown used to pan, gold used 2x, burgundy used 4 times - $8

Lise Watier blush in 93 Lie De Vin - used ~6x, brush will be cleaned - $8

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Juiced Berry and Passion Fruit Pop - used 1x - $3 each

Revlon Bedroom Eyes powder liner in Smokin' - used once - $3
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black - used 3x - $3

Urban Decay Palette (I believe it was called Assault) - eyeshadows are Twice Baked, Chopper, Grifter and Smog, has mini UDPP, mini mascara, mini Lip Envy lipstain, and mini XXX Shine - eyeshadows used 2x each, minis are brand new - missing eye pencil and sponge applicator - $25 (retail: $42)

Urban Decay Las Chicas Face Case - contains Midnight Cowboy, Shotgun, Polyester Bride and Smog e/s, Carney, Guys ♥ Betsey, Biker and Wiked lipgloss and Score blush (reminds me of NARS Orgasm) - e/s used 1x except Smog which was used 3x, all lipglosses used once, and the blush was used 6x - $5 WITH PURCHASE over $10

L'Oreal HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Teal, used 1x as liner, 1x as base - $7

Jun. 6th, 2006

Wondering where all my posts are? If you know me, I have another space for public displays of randomness. I use my LJ to keep up with the makeup communities (specifically MAC!) and other things that interest me. =D



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